OSSLT Ontario Provincial Examination Contents and Techniques, How to Pass Quickly?


OSSLT Ontario Provincial Test

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

OSSLT Provincial Examination Contents (Ontario Graduation Requirements)

The exam is divided into two 60-minute sections

Have a break in between, or do it on two different days at different times

33 questions in total

31 selective response questions (multiple choice, checkbox)

2 open-ended questions

OSSLT Provincial Examination Question Types

Real life narrative:

Includes reading material and seven selective-response reading questions.

Information paragraph:

Includes reading material and six optional response reading questions.

News report:

Includes reading material, an open-response question

Five selective-response reading questions.


Includes reading material and five optional response reading questions.

Writing optional answers:

Includes eight selective-response writing questions.

Opinion articles:

An open-ended answer consisting of a series of paragraphs supporting a point.

OSSLT Provincial Examination Short Essay

OSSLT includes two types of short writing tasks:

Type 1: Answer based on your personal experience

• There is no right or wrong.

Type 2: Based on content in the test

• Be sure to include information that directly relates to the text and incorporates

My own opinion.

OSSLT Provincial Examination Course Class

This course is preparation for taking Ontario Secondary School Literature

Test (OSSLT) designed for students . it includes the past

Reading examples, classroom activities, analysis and

Practice to help students improve their reading and writing skills ,

To prepare for the OSSLT exam.

OSSLT Provincial Examination Course Outline

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