Hear what the Life Science academic mentor who has won many scholarships has to say?

斩获众多奖学金的Life Science学霸导师,听听她是怎么说的?

Have you ever had such questions?

What can you do after studying xx major?
Which schools require essays and which schools require video interviews?
When is the best time to apply for pre-admission and what kind of score is better?
How should I choose courses for different majors? Which major is suitable for me?
Can I get into U of T and Waterloo with an average score of over 90?
Is it possible to get into Ivey and Queen's Business School without leadership skills?
How can I take high school classes to get into medical school? How can I get into law school?
I want to stay in Canada and immigrate in what major to find a job?

Come to Yingshi Education Planning Session and we will give you all the answers!


It was accumulated by John, the planning director of British Lion, for six years.

Planning A unique planning model summarized by nearly 3,000 students.

Yingshi Education has carefully selected 11 elite tutors in different majors from Canada's top universities from nearly 200 applicants .

After nearly a month of rigorous training and screening by the Planning Director.

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This issue brings you an exclusive interview with Nina, one of the British Lion planners . If you are interested in this senior’s sharing or experience, you are more than welcome to make an appointment with Nina’s planner for a one-on-one interview . I believe you will definitely gain a lot~


British Lion Planner: Nina

Education: McMaster Life Sciences

University offers: University of Toronto $2,000 scholarship, University of Waterloo $1,500 scholarship, McMahon $1,000 scholarship, University of Western Ontario.


When I was in high school, I participated in the mathematics competition held by the University of Waterloo and won three times.

Have successful application experience in life science majors in multiple universities. I want to develop my career in medicine in the future, and I know the requirements of preferential schools very well. During high school, I was an application planning student at the British Lions University.

Planning style : lively, patient and striving for perfection



Editor : Hello Nina, can you introduce yourself first, tell us about your high school, and some of your college application process and experience?


Nina : My name is Nina. I came to Canada in the tenth grade and then started high school. Then I just started studying Life Science at McMaster this year. Then in grade 12, my topic was three mathematics subjects. In addition to English biology and chemistry , all of which were taken at school without going to a private school, the average score is 90.3 . Then. Finally, I chose McMaster’s Life Science.

Editor : Then I would like to ask you about your choice of major. How did you discover that you were interested in the Life Science major, and what kind of efforts did you put in? Of course, is there anything else you can share about your application that you think is particularly helpful?


Nina : Actually, when I first came to Canada, I had always been interested in medicine, but my English was not very good at the beginning, and I was not very confident in my biology. So at that time, I took a twelfth-grade accounting course, tried it, and found that I wasn’t very good at it, and I didn’t like it either. Then I felt that I should stick to my original idea, so I chose an eleventh grade biology class and gave it a try. Then maybe because my English improved, I found that it was not as difficult as I thought, and I felt that it was okay after learning it. Then when I finally applied for college, I chose the biochemistry major according to my own ideas.



But after all, biology is a science. There are also a lot of new words, so it still takes a lot of effort when learning. However, if you treat these courses normally, digest all the content taught by the teacher that day, and then review more during the exam, it is still possible to get high scores. of.



Then when applying for Life Science, only the Health Science major in Maima has an additional document requirement, and other majors mainly depend on points. And as for the score, it is probably the highest value in the score range found on the school's official website, which is basically my cut-off that year. so. I suggest you all work hard to get points~

I didn't get into the Health Science program I applied for, but the admission rate for this major is indeed very low, generally only 4.5% . Students' language proficiency and some comprehensive abilities are tested. In short, the competition is very fierce. But I think it’s normal that I didn’t get in, so I’ll just keep working hard and try again in my sophomore year.



Editor : You have been in college for a while now. Are you satisfied with your major choice? Do you feel that your previous efforts have been in vain?


Nina : Regarding my current state of entering university, I am quite satisfied with it. The subjects I study are all my interests, including... The chemistry and biology teachers in our high school were very difficult to teach, so after I arrived at Maima, most of the things I learned at the beginning of school were taught in high school, so I am very grateful to my high school teachers and to those who worked very hard back then. Own. After you lay a solid foundation in high school, you won't be so tired when you get to college.


Editor : I would like to ask, do you have any hobbies after studying? How do you relax yourself, especially when you are particularly nervous.


Nina : Usually when you are particularly nervous, you are usually under great pressure. If I have some confusing questions, I will make more videos with my parents and discuss them. Then if the schedule for the day is relatively full, I will have certain choices . That is, some homework is very important, and some homework is not so important, but for those less important homework, then I can relax my nerves a little, and I will do it while listening to music and so on.


Then occasionally I would go shopping, cook, etc., and prepare lunch for the next day. I feel that my brain is quite relaxed when I do these things, so when I finish these things and then go back to study, I feel that my learning efficiency will also improve.



Editor : I would like to know which things you think are particularly important during the entire process of applying to college. In other words, did Yingshi give you any help?

Nina : It’s very important. I think IELTS should be completed in advance . In the twelfth grade, especially in the first semester, everyone is busy with GPA. If you have not passed IELTS at this time, firstly, it is easy to collapse psychologically, and it is indeed very tiring mentally and physically. You think if you have been busy for a week and then you have to get up early on Saturday to take the IELTS test, you will be really tired. So my suggestion is to try to pass IELTS in eleventh grade.


Then when I was in Shenmaima, I also asked a teacher from Yingshi to help me revise my essays. I do feel that after the teacher helped me correct it, the flow and overall level of the entire article have improved a lot .



Editor : By the way, I would also like to ask if you have any career plans in the past two years?

Nina : I’m just trying to do some research now , but after all, I’m only a freshman and there aren’t many opportunities. I’ll try my best to do some research~



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