A business school student, how did she overcome social embarrassment?


Ulion Planner: Helen

Education: Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto

University Offer: University of Toronto Rotman School of Business $2000 Scholarship University of Waterloo Mathematics Business Administration Double Degree $2000 Scholarship University of Waterloo Financial Accounting Management $2000 Scholarship University of Waterloo Financial Analysis and Risk Management $2000 Scholarship

Experience: President of WSSC club , organize various activities, 1st place in UTSC Business Case Competition, 3rd place in Rotman Business School Stock Simulation Competition. During high school, I was a student of lion's mathematics calculus, data management, and university application planning~

Planning style : patiently, very understanding of major business schools, cordial and meticulous



Xiaobian: Can you briefly introduce yourself first, and tell everyone about your high school and college application direction.

Helen: My name is Helen, and I am a freshman in rotman commerce at the University of Toronto. The high school is at St Robert CHS, a public Catholic high school. The main fields of application for colleges are business and mathematics.



Editor: What majors did you apply for at that time? Which offers did you get?

Helen: At that time, I successfully got an offer from Rotman, FARM from Waterloo, Math & Business Double Degree, and AFM. Then there are some other business departments, such as the business department of Maima, the coop management of UTSC, the Commerce of UTM, and the Finance of York.


Editor: So how did you clarify your professional choice at that time? What is the opportunity?

Helen: Actually, I have been interested in business for a long time. Every time I come into contact with some business-related words, I will be very sensitive. Sometimes I will go to the Internet to find out what it means. Then when I was in the eleventh grade, I came into contact with accounting , and I felt that it was very easy to learn, and it didn't take a long time to get it done. In addition to mathematics , I think business may be more suitable for me. Of course there is also a key problem is that I really hate physics hehehe...


Xiaobian: Then I would like to ask how your high school grades are and what efforts have you made to apply for business schools besides your grades?

Helen: High school grades were okay, about 94-95 when I graduated. Before applying for university, there are also some good volunteer opportunities. For example, when I was in grade 11, I participated in the doors open of the city government with the British Lions. There are also some more special ones that I have been helping in a chamber of commerce for a long time, about two or three years. He also participated in two or three business competitions and got certificates for some projects.



Editor: Do you have any advice on the timeline for the Year 12 student application?

Helen: It is recommended that capable 11th grade students take the time to take more 12th grade classes, so that it will be much easier at that time. If you are in the 12th grade, it is recommended to transfer the subjects you are good at to the 1st semester. A higher grade can also increase the probability of getting early admission. The last thing is IELTS. One must pay attention to it. It is recommended to get a usable IELTS score before December, otherwise it will be very passive.


Editor: Do you have any advice for the preparation of business school essays and videos?

Helen: You don't have to be nervous about preparing essays and interviews. When I applied at that time, the teachers of Ying Lions provided me with great help. At that time, the little fairy Tracy took the trouble to help me change the document, and gave me a one-on-one video tutorial, which was really helpful. So as long as you prepare carefully, I believe that everyone has no problems!


Xiaobian: Do you have any little stories you can share in studying abroad (which can resonate with everyone/or make a deep impression on you) in life and study~

Helen: In fact, I still feel that I have been lucky along the way, and there is not much fluctuation. I still have to thank my friends around me for their help. I feel that it is very important to take care of each other when I study abroad by myself. In a way, like everyone else, Years 11 and 12 have been struggling their grades and admission scores for the first half of the semester. I also found countless people to consult, and the University Fair also goes every year, but I can't find much useful information. I feel that the answer given by the university is too official. In the end, it was only with the help of the senior and senior sister that I slowly felt more at ease.



Also, I am an ESL student. English is actually my weak point so far, so when I first came, I was a little unconfident and didn't dare to participate in activities. So later I forced myself to participate in various case competitions. The first was to improve my English, and the second was to get in touch with many foreigners. When I was in the twelfth grade, I led a club in the Lions and ran the club's own official account. Now the club is still active. For example, we have organized many activities such as the Cherry Blossom Festival, the basketball game, and the Case Competition. So these things still relieved their social embarrassment to a large extent.


Editor: What is your parents' attitude towards your major and future planning?

Helen: I think my parents have always been very supportive of my choice. Although there will be different opinions, they will not interfere with my final choice. I can actually feel that my liking for business may also be influenced by a little bit of my father. There was a time when my parents wanted me to study medicine, but I rejected it decisively.


Editor: Do you do a lot of high school volunteer activities? Is there anything interesting to share?

Helen: Well, there are quite a few volunteer activities. It was about two hundred hours , but in the end, I didn’t want to relax for hours, just to play. It was quite interesting to have a volunteer from a chamber of commerce. It felt like a network activity, because I helped there for a long time and got a photo with Mayor Markham and the then Premier of Ontario.


Editor: I would like to ask how your university life is going well now? Do you like it professionally?

Helen: University is really, many times more busy than high school. QAQ, I have to read dozens of pages every day. Except for the three weeks before the start of the semester, the exams have not been interrupted. To get a good grade first, it still takes several times more effort than before. However, Rotman has a lot of resources and a very good atmosphere. I feel that I will be sublimated when I am with many academic bullies, so I am still very satisfied with this environment.


Editor: Do you have any experience sharing in networking or case competition?

Helen: There are not too many shortcuts, just keep trying this, English speaking still needs more preparation to get better and better.




Editor: Did the Lions help you in your application process?

Helen: My entire college tutoring was done with the help of the little fairy, Tracy. She is super nice. It has helped me dig a lot, and the direction of the paper can be improved. Lots of advice is also provided. And it also helped a lot in my interview speaking practice.


Editor: So, is there any final advice you would like to give to high school students?

Helen: I think I should report to my business friends. First of all, pay attention to your own achievements. In addition, it is also very important to have experience that can reflect your leadership skills. Practice your English language organization skills a lot, because university speeches and club activities will pay special attention to oral English. Having rich experience in competition and fluent oral expression will definitely add many points to your resume.




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