After entering IVEY Business School, her new life? How was grade 12 spent?

Fall is here, and the college application season is about to begin. I recently brought you an interview with an excellent student . I hope her experience can inspire everyone and inspire everyone to move forward towards their goals~

The guest of this issue is Jocelyn, an outstanding student of UCI. She got an offer from the IVEY Business School of Western University with her excellent grades and outstanding leadership skills, and entered the AEO program coveted by business students. All the teachers in the UCI team are so proud of her!

The topic of this interview is her life after entering university, her real insights, and her sharing of learning methods. I hope it can help more students to enter the ideal school!



Due to Jocelyn's busy study time, this interview was completed in her spare time, and the editor made some arrangements. The content is as follows:


Editor: Hello Jocelyn, how are you doing now~ Are you still used to college life?

Jocelyn: I hope I don't fail the exam (covering face...)


Editor: Probably not, I feel you are working very hard~

Jocelyn: Afraid of a low GPA...


Editor: It seems that the pressure is quite high. The freshman course is actually good, study hard, ask more questions from professors and TA, you should be fine~

Jocelyn: Oh, actually, I just went to IVEY's welcome lunch .


Editor: Is it delicious? Is there a pizza...

Jocelyn: Just pizza...but I feel a little bit of a shock.


Editor: Huh? What's wrong? why

Jocelyn: The classmates around me, whether they are Chinese or foreigners, are very generous and take the initiative to talk to each other , polite. I usually like to make friends, but in this kind of event, I suddenly feel very shy (covering my face)...I don't know what's wrong with me


Editor: It was like this at the beginning, it may take some time to get used to it...

Jocelyn: And the girls around me are all good-looking and academic . Doubt about myself...


Xiaobian: You are also good-looking, and you are also a scholar. Be confident acridine, you are excellent! To be able to enter this program proves that you are excellent.

Jocelyn: Alas, I think the people around me are excellent, they study well, and they have many hobbies.


Xiaobian: Because you entered a very good university, the learning atmosphere is very good. You'll get some exercise over the years. You have received incentives in this environment, and you feel that you will be more diligent and motivated.

Jocelyn: Um yeah. I feel that in this AEO program, there are people who are different from others . In the circle of friends who are in class together, I feel that I have worked very hard, and I am trying my best to make many friends, but on this occasion, I can see that there are many, many students who are better than me. I really have a deep feeling that I have to work harder and study like them.




Editor: Yes. And it's your first time participating in this kind of occasion, and you haven't experienced it before, so you don't have much preparation. Some students may have been receiving this kind of training while they are very good. So your experience was invaluable and you learned something different. There is a first time for everything. It is good to be able to realize your own inadequacies. The next time you encounter such a situation, you may have to force yourself, and it will be different. It's not too late to work hard now. Be confident, you are great!

Jocelyn: Hmm.


Editor: Let’s talk about happy things. For example, how did you feel when you got the ivey notice~?

Jocelyn: First of all, I would like to express my special thanks to all the counselors and teachers who helped me in the Lions. Second, I am very pleased and feel blessed by God (because the universities with higher thresholds had not yet offered me an offer). I personally feel that aeo is also a kind of exercise for me. At that time, I had the mentality of giving it a try. Regardless of the result, I still wanted to give myself a chance to challenge myself. Hahahaha I thanked everyone in my heart at that time, including my family woohoo. Then I immediately contacted my mother, and I couldn't believe that I applied for AEO (covering my face).


Editor: Haha, is Auntie also super happy?

Jocelyn: Yes! My mom even wrote me a post-it blessing of getting AEO and put it under my pillow. Hahahahahahahaha.


Editor: Haha, Auntie is so cute!

Jocelyn: But of course, in addition to my efforts on ave, I still want to say that teacher zifei from Yingshi Education helped me revise my essay very seriously and responsibly.


Editor: I was very happy when you got the offer, because I remember that the school you wanted to go to was the Ivey Business School of Western University.

Jocelyn: Yes, Ivey is very longing in my heart, and a business school that trains people's abilities in all aspects. So it can be said that I really want to get AEO .



Editor: You are awesome~ Then how did you maintain your grades and successfully meet the university requirements?

Jocelyn: Of course I didn't let up in the end! I still make a to do list for myself as I did in the last semester . I try to finish my homework in class, review these before exams, and I am still very afraid of losing it after I get aeo, so I also want to keep my current ave in terms of grades (of course, The higher the better, the better to break through yourself). In this way, I will be in the safe zone and get the aeo smoothly.


Editor: Keep calm, stay awake, and keep working hard. So what's the difference between college and high school ?

Jocelyn: Now there are a lot of feelings, it's a process of getting used to. I think the first step is to not treat yourself as a child. When you enter the university, no one really will supervise your studies, no matter the time arrangement, whatever you miss is your own fault. Especially the friends around me are very conscious and self-disciplined, so I can't be more behind.

Editor: It seems that making friends is also very important~

Xiaobian: There is also a good learning method that you can share, and then say something to the juniors to cheer them on, or give them directions, because the new application season is about to start again~

Jocelyn: It's easy to get a high score if you learn the right way ! First of all, be sure to listen carefully to the class, it is best to do a preview before class! Go to class with questions ! (Of course, if you don’t have time, it will take three or four minutes to take a quick glance before class and probably know what the class is going to talk about.) Next, you must do your homework! ! ! Especially in the cal, data, adv fun classes, I wrote all the homework assigned by the teacher, and then wrote some questions that the teacher did not leave as extra practice. In short , it is definitely beneficial to do more questions in these math classes ! The most important thing is to arrange your schedule reasonably ! Gr12 said that he is not busy, but it is necessary to keep a careful heart at all times. At that time, I would put a small notebook in my bag. In the notebook, there are my homework to do today ( to do list ), and a certain time What do I want to work on (and approxi time, that is, the time you roughly estimate that you will complete this task. This method is very useful, especially for the small time that I usually have low learning efficiency and will not use effectively. shortcoming!!!


Editor: wow, so detailed! ! ! ! awesome!

Jocelyn: Another point is for the liberal arts ! There are many knowledge points in bio, biz, and eco classes. The teacher basically tests your understanding of knowledge points or certain terms ➕ application. So in order to deepen my memory, I will take a pen to copy! If I can’t remember it once, I copy it twice, and if it doesn’t work twice, I copy it three times. In the end, the best effect is that I see a certain keyword. You can memorize its def or associated ex! After all, there is a saying that a good memory is not a bad writing. Of course, understanding memory is greater than rote memorization ! So be sure to understand! But also to be able to draw inferences or give ex! !


Xiaobian: Learning methods are generous!

Jocelyn: Ahahahaha I've been through gr12 too! gr12 was very lucky last semester, but in order to realize your dream school fantasy, of course everyone has to work hard! Do not be discouraged! Persistence ➕ pay will be rewarded! at last! ! Hope every pot friend of gr12! You can realize your dreams!


Editor: Excellent!

Jocelyn: Right ! I was tutoring maths at Uganda! Tutoring was not necessary at the time! But it is also a backup! ! Ahahahaha two math teachers who taught me cal and data! All about fried chicken in detail! Taking their classes is easy and fun too! hahahahaha

Jocelyn: Ulion is getting bigger and bigger and more and more programs. It's really amazing. One more thing I forgot to mention! Remember to take notes! Increase memory and facilitate understanding.

Editor: OK! Thank you so much Jocelyn!

The above is an interview with Jocelyn. Jocelyn shared her real experience after going to college with everyone. This is a very precious experience, and I am very grateful for her sharing. I hope to inspire everyone to make progress, achieve good results, and become a better self~ I also hope that Jocelyn can get better and better, and become the talent she wants to be!



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