"It turns out that the world can still see this way!"

The person interviewed in this issue is Linda, our outstanding student of Ulion. Linda has taken many courses in Ulion, and got top 25% in the Euclidean competition and computer competition. There is no problem with IELTS 8. The offers received are all received in batches lol
Q: Is there any interesting news or good news from Linda recently that you can share with us?

Linda: Recently, I started to prepare my own official account and share some of my thoughts and experiences on the official account.

Although it is just in its infancy and not very mature, I am enjoying the process 😄

Q: Why do you make a personal account? Exercise literary talent, share information, let others know you better, monetize your official account, develop personal brand, personal software?

Linda: Hahahaha In fact, the original intention of creating the official account was because I felt that I could finally relax after studying the book content for a long time. But my nerves are not very adaptable, it still seeks a sense of busyness. Sounds morbid 😂 but it's true.

I always feel like I should do something when I really realize that I rarely take the initiative to learn anymore. I mainly refer to learning at this level of reading, and I quote a sentence to express my opinion on reading "Reading is like eating. You may not see significant results in the short term, but they will become the bones in your body one day. And meat." That's what I thought, I want to use this platform to force myself to find motivation again.

Q: Stay energetic at work Lol

As a high school student, what kind of theme do you hope to convey when creating the public account of LinG da da da?

Lazy and dead? Beautiful and humorous? Fashion goose?

Linda: What I want to say...it's really hard to say! I have been struggling with the positioning of the official account for a long time. I thought about writing English learning/IELTS, etc., but I always found it boring. I can find a lot of Xueba on Weibo. I want to look at the world from my perspective, as objectively as possible. For example, many times I also feel very sad, how did I get out of it; for example, in the weight loss article, I also felt that I couldn’t lose weight, but the truth was that I really lost weight haha; Clarify misunderstandings. A person's power is very meager, but I want to tell everyone that the world can still be seen this way!

Q: It's interesting to share your perspective with the world.

Weight Loss Mindset~ The language is super interesting, so shion. There are also some serious and detailed weight loss experiences, measuring what you can get from eating, whether you will be happy, and it seems that it works! Want to run on the elliptical right now.

The topics that follow also seem to be very attentive, and they are all issues that everyone cares about. So will you insist on writing down your weight loss experience?

Linda: Weight Loss! Really long time to write! There is a lot to say too! From the beginning, I also went through detours. Later, I realized that the mentality is more important. Blindly shouting about the result of losing weight and doing the opposite thing is my lesson. The response of this series is very good, and I will continue to do it! I will also recommend excellent fitness bloggers to everyone, so that everyone can accept more professional knowledge.

Q: I heard that there is an idea of ​​opening your own milk tea shop in the near future. Starting a business is an interesting and hard work. Do you have any specific ideas?

Linda: Hahaha, I was joking with John before, saying that Toronto doesn't have any! I'm a bit of a fan, and of course I hope it moves to Toronto. However, after all, joining is not as interesting as opening one by yourself. I hope that there will be creative ideas like the laboratory milk tea shop. Although it has not been implemented yet, I am full of visions for starting a business. As a foodie, it's great to be able to open your own restaurant and afternoon tea shop!

Q: What a dynamic idea! The sprout of many start-up companies may have started from this time. Maybe after entering university, you will discover more of these potentials in yourself.

British Lions will establish a public live channel in the future. Would you be interested in coming to our channel to introduce your official account, your life, and your experience?


Linda: I am very interested and honored! I am looking forward to getting to know different people through the official account and to have a collision of ideas. This platform is really great!

Q: Hahaha thank you for your great support. In the future, the live broadcast platform may live broadcast some of our volunteer activities and work status of the Lions. The main thing is to provide a platform for high school students to show themselves, to share their living conditions in Canada with relatives and friends in China, and to inspire others. My friends forge ahead together LOL

Linda: Excellent! British Lions has gone beyond the traditional cram school, but has united everyone into a collective. Looking forward to the launch of the live broadcast platform.

Q: British Lions also provides some tutoring courses for high school students. I hope everyone will be more motivated to learn and learn more. If it can be helpful to everyone, even better. Can you share your experience of studying in Ulion, or some of your own learning skills?

Linda: Two points. First, check for omissions. This requires a strong ability to discern one's own weak points. When the grades are issued, do more research on where the points are deducted, and you will naturally know how the next assignment can improve. This is a direction guide.

Second, increase logical thinking. Logical reasoning is important in learning but is often overlooked. When reading a book, think more about the connection between the previous and previous knowledge points, and what is the essential difference between one concept and another. There are not many questions to do, but to master the essence.


Q: Chatting with you is always moved by your thinking.

Do you have any plans or plans for the development of your own public platform in the future? Will you look forward to your articles throughout your four years of college?

Linda: I should continue to do it :) First set a small goal to become an original official account approved by WeChat. I can open a comment! I usually write when I have something in my heart, and I expect to share some on weekdays. After all, I don’t have more than an hour every day to code two or three thousand words 😂

Getting everyone's likes is my motivation! After all, this is like a kind of public welfare, and I have no material reward, just to be happy. I am a person with a strong desire to express, and of course I am elated when someone listens to me and praises me 😂

Q: Very good. I look forward to your public account to continue to innovate and have more interesting and popular topics. We are all very happy to have such outstanding students as you. Hope to have more opportunities for cooperation in the future

In the end, do you want to praise our Lions loudly?

Linda: Of course!

Lions is really a conscience organization! Sincerely call ฅ ̳͒•ˑ̫• ̳͒ฅ♡

Love lions!

Q: Hahahaha thank you! We love you too!!

Help Linda push her personal account

LindaG da da da

WeChat ID: dada_is here

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