The Ulion CTC platform has become the highlight of my university application!


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Q1: Hello, can you please briefly introduce yourself?


Hi, my name is Cayden. I came to Canada three years ago and am currently in grade 12 at Father John Redmond High School. I have just finished my application, and I am planning to study Electrical Engineering at U of T next year!

Q2: What courses have you taken at Ulion? How did they all affect you?

I have attended a lot. When I was in the eleventh grade, I took the English tutoring class of British Lion with my friends. The teachers were T tutor and L tutor. They are more responsible and pragmatic teachers. In their class Gain some insight into English. In the first half of this year, I took an IELTS remedial class with two friends, and I also studied courses to help prepare for the interviews of Waterloo and U of T, which all helped me in the application.


Q3: Was your university application done at Ulion? Is it all going well?


That’s right, at that time, it was Mr. T who helped me apply and prepared the interview of how big the application was. He helped me practice a lot of related questions and helped me clarify a lot of ideas. I think how big this interview is still requires logical thinking. If It was difficult for me to prepare for this interview without her helping me with so much practice . It just so happened that the interview questions I encountered this year did not change much. I came across an original question. Teacher Tiffany and I also practiced this question early, and it was very easy to prepare when I recorded it. A special thank you to her here.

Q4: What highlights do you think you have when applying to colleges?


I think volunteer is one of my outstanding points, which is beyond the time of a lot of volunteers. Of course, Ying Lion gave me a very bright spot. I joined the Communication Teamwork Cooperation (CTC) of Ying Lion. I felt that I was more serious when I was in this team, and finally became their president. For me, CTC has given me a great platform, and the social practice in it has also made me grow a lot. This is a big highlight of my application.

Q5: Do you have any experience that you can share with your juniors?


Of course, if the younger students like such a quiet learning environment, Canada is a very suitable place. In terms of study, if you have a solid foundation for studying in China, and if you can continue to study hard in Canada, you will definitely get a satisfactory result. For Yingshi, I highly recommend everyone to take the composition class, which will be very helpful to everyone.

Of course , the social activities of the British Lions are a big highlight. If you need to find time for volunteers, it is really a good platform to enjoy extracurricular activities and exercise yourself at the same time.




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