How much engineering, mathematics, CS Offer Grand Slam player, what is the experience of having both appearance and IQ at the same time?

多大工程,数学,CS Offer大满贯选手,颜值与智商同时开挂是什么体验?
Today I will introduce you to one
Our outstanding students
His name is Torrest
Beauty and intelligence coexist
good looking and hardworking
How big is the mathematics department, engineering and CS offer
will he have some
What about special learning methods?

simple self-introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Torrest. I am currently a 12th grade student at the bloor collegiate institute, and then the university applied for a double E. I have also taken a lot of classes at U.S. Lions, and I have signed up for a course dedicated to practicing IELTS speaking and a Euclidean competition course.

Are there any teachers who have impressed you?



Of course there is. At that time, the IELTS speaking teacher was L. Although the teacher's teaching method was quite satisfactory, it also provided a lot of help to me on the way of learning IELTS. Then Euclid's course was taught by Mr. J. Mr. J is a very humorous person, and the way of thinking disintegration is very novel and more beneficial.



What volunteer events have you participated in?

Do you have any special experiences?

Volunteer has participated in a lot before. I especially remember that when Ushi University applied for a lecture, we invited students from the school to come over to give volunteer hours. I and my classmates who were volunteers with me at the time won the prize and gained a lot of experience. Still a pretty pleasant experience.




Experience in college application

share your highlights

At that time, I asked Yingshi to help me to prepare for the video interview. It was very challenging to write the essay online. Fortunately, I was lucky to have Teacher T to assist me at that time, which brought me a lot of ideas. and insights. I think the main highlight of my background is the supplementary documents and extracurricular activities. The average score was only 96 at the time, but fortunately the video interview went very smoothly, so I could get the offer so quickly. Special thanks to Yingshi for helping me here.

After the experience, I have a good understanding of the application. The main information is from the official websites of various universities, emails to the admissions officers, and inquiries to the British Lions, and obtained a lot of helpful information.

Tell me about your experience

Share it with your classmates

I have been in Toronto for a year and a half. The experience I want to say is that you should never underestimate the extracurricular activities . Maybe sometimes admissions officers don’t care about your activities, but your extracurricular activities determine you The quality of the paperwork and interview . No matter the essay or the interview, what they want to see and hear is your role, performance and gain in extracurricular activities. If you are a classmate who doesn't usually like to do things other than learning, you will have a headache when you are working on it. I hope you will pay more attention to this in the future.

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