【Interview with Euclid Competition Teacher】Science and engineering students "naked" for university? Without Osay you're getting knocked out of college....

Many students applying for science and engineering majors
There is often a misunderstanding,
As long as my GPA is high enough, I can get the offer without other auxiliary materials.
However, according to the data released by the official website of the University of Waterloo,
like civil engineering, chemical engineering
If your PGA is at 95+,
You also have an 8% chance of not getting the Offer!
And individual popular majors have higher requirements!
So students who want to apply for popular science and engineering majors in prestigious schools,
For you, just have a high GPA, choose "naked application"
Risk still exists!
For students whose GPA is not high enough,
If you want to apply to popular majors,
What you need to do is go to the competition to "make up" for the lack of GPA!
A good competition result is also a reflection of your strength.
So, how do we choose the competition?
There are many competitions that science and engineering majors can participate in.
There are not many competitions with high gold content and short preparation period and high winning rate.
So the Euclidean competition is one of the very worthwhile competitions.
So, we invited the Ulion students to compete for the ranking harvester
Mr. Connie,
Take everyone to uncover the secrets of how to learn mathematics,
And how to efficiently prepare for the Euclid race!
Q: Hello teacher, can you introduce yourself to everyone?
Hello everyone, I'm Mr. Connie, AKA Euclid Encyclopedia. I don't want to come up like other people and say that my school is excellent, I think you will appreciate my inner more than the outer. I am a dreamer, an activist, and a person who combines sensibility and rationality. I am full of creativity and passion for work and study, and I will always have a passion for life. I love math and teaching, and see it as a part of my life.
Q: Why does Teacher Connie like teaching so much?
Teaching gives me a sense of accomplishment and allows me to recognize myself. Watching the students get their competition certificates and apply to the ideal university makes me smile even sweeter than they do.
I hope to have an impact on students and realize my value. Perhaps the luckiest thing in my student days is to meet a good teacher. I have been reflecting on what the definition of a good teacher is. Maybe a sentence or a story I have told can affect their life.
Let students love knowledge, love life, and believe that they can create their own future. I think it makes a lot of sense.
Q: Teachers have many students who want to improve their math scores. What advice do you have for students who want to improve their math?
You have to believe that math in high school is not difficult, but you don't have the method. It is not only necessary to have a thorough understanding of the basic knowledge, practice more, but also pay attention to the accumulation of English mathematical vocabulary, and more importantly, develop the habit of thinking with mathematical thinking.
Q: Teachers often deal with Euclid classes. Can you tell us about the Euclidean competition and how to get high scores?
First, the basic knowledge is overcooked, and which piece will not make up for it.
Second, practice more and do more real exam questions in previous years to the extent that after reading the questions, you will know which direction to use and which method to use.
Third, the questions that have been done should be considered and reviewed. Find a teacher to analyze your problems and train on your weak points. It’s important to be great yourself, and it’s even more important to find great people to help you.
This will allow you to write like a god in the exam room.
Q: There are many students who feel that they are not good at mathematics since childhood, and the more they learn, the more afraid they become. For students who are afraid of mathematics learning, how to overcome the fear.
The most important thing in overcoming fear is facing it. Don't delay, don't wait, don't be pretentious, don't be afraid. The sooner the problem is solved, the easier it is. The expression of maturity is to take responsibility and not to escape, because it is useless to escape, let alone you have nowhere to escape.
Q: In fact, there are also some students who clearly know the problem, but they make mistakes when they do it. Is there a solution?
It is absolutely unacceptable to be careless in the competition examination room. I teach students how to read questions, how to figure out mistakes, take a look back at what the question asks before writing an answer, and how to quickly check the paper.
Q: Teacher, what program are you studying, and do you have anything interesting to share?
I majored in finance and economics. The main courses are: financial mathematics, accounting, economics, finance, statistics, management, etc. These subjects are all inseparable from mathematics. One day you'll find that they blend in, like a grasshopper on a rope.
Q: 16 words for everyone: independent life, enjoy loneliness, don’t compare, and avoid detours
You are lonely, you are lost, because you are still growing;
You are impulsive, you are crazy, because you have attachments that have not been defeated.
I hope you can accept yourself bravely. It is meaningless to be jealous and envious of others. Only self-growth is the only constant salvation.
When you can rationally help yourself weigh the pros and cons and make the right choice under pressure, a lot of troubles will leave you.
Hold on to hope and not be afraid of challenges. Every moment is worse than this moment.
I hope you can get used to being alone and be the person you love the most.
The reason why we recommend everyone to participate in the Euclid Mathematics Competition is not only because it is a stepping stone for students who want to apply for science and engineering at the University of Waterloo, but also for students who want to apply for science and engineering at other schools, the Euclid Mathematics Competition is undoubtedly cost-effective. Very high competition because it:
Short preparation time
For applying to prestigious schools: high gold content
And the UCI Euclid Small Class Course specially invites teacher Connie to help you break through the Euclid competition without any problems, and easily get the top 25% competition certificate!

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