Interview with the star teacher of the Euclid Competition: Helping you to efficiently break through the essential competition items in science and engineering!

"How does the competition help science and engineering students apply for universities?"
"Does it mean that as long as my GPA is high enough, I don't need to improve my background?"

Speaking of soft background improvement, most students have the impression that only business applicants need to create their own background materials, various business-related activities, vacation internship projects, etc.

For students majoring in science and engineering, is it necessary to improve their background?

u1s1, the value of the competition is still very great.

First, let’s take a look at the value and gold content of the competition. What are the specific advantages of the competition for applications?

Hard-core bonus points for “documents” and “resume”

For applications to science and engineering programs that require paperwork or video interviews, having competition experience is a very effective way to enrich your paperwork and resume. "How did you prepare for the competition?" "How did you solve the difficulties during the competition?" etc. will become eye-catching parts of your essay or video interview.

Get practical skills

Whether it is the preparation process of studying in the early stage of the competition or the process of participating in the competition, it is a very good opportunity to improve your professional skills. Participating in the competition can not only exercise your abilities in all aspects, but also practice some practical skills. Practice makes perfect.

If you can win prizes in some high-value competitions, such as the University of Waterloo's Euclid Competition and the CCC Competition, then your application success rate will be greatly increased.

There are many competitions that science and engineering majors can participate in, but there are not many competitions with high gold content, short preparation time and high winning rate. Today, we invited teacher Connie, the ranking harvester of the British Lions student competition, the Walking Encyclopedia of Euclid Let us reveal the secrets of how to learn mathematics and how to prepare for the Euclid competition!




My Eyes on the Euclidean Race


Have you moved the small benches? Today, my teacher Connie is here to tell you the story of the Euclid Mathematics Competition.


The Euclid Mathematics Competition is one of the three major mathematics competitions in the world and is known as the TOEFL in mathematics. It is one of the most valuable and recognized high school competitions in Canada. The inspection standards are very strict and professional, which fully reflects the mathematical tradition and excellent reputation of the organizer, the University of Waterloo.

Interestingly, the University of Waterloo ingeniously names every mathematics competition for different grade levels with the famous name of a famous mathematician. Speaking of each famous name is enough to make students who have studied advanced mathematics tremble. ~

Grade 8 Gaussian Math Contest (German mathematician, "Gaussian Distribution")

Grade 9 Pascal Math Contest (French mathematician, “Pascal’s Triangle”)

Grade 10 Kelly Math Competition (British Mathematician’s “Kelly Formula”),

Grade 11 Fermat Math Competition (French mathematician, “Fermat’s Theorem”)

The finale is the Grade 12 Euclidean Mathematics Competition (ancient Greek mathematician, "Father of Geometry")

(A little trivia: In fact, the 12th grade mathematics competition was originally called the Descartes Mathematics Competition, after the French guy who famously said “I think, therefore I am”. However, since the calculus content was canceled in 2003, Descartes was Carl Mathematics Competition changed its name to Euclid Mathematics Competition)

Nowadays, this competition is extremely popular, with 20,000 applicants every year. 40% of them are students from Ontario, 50% are from other provinces in Canada, and 10% are from international students: including students from the United States, the United Kingdom, China and other countries around the world.


Because everyone knows that this is a stepping stone to the top universities in North America, and it plays a vital role in applying to top universities, enrolling in top majors, and applying for generous scholarships.

The Euclid test lasts for 150 minutes, with a full score of 100. Students must face the test paper in English and answer the questions in English. When judging papers, we not only look at the results, but also the students’ problem-solving ideas and skills.

The exam content not only includes all the algebra and geometry learned in high school, but also extracurricular extension content such as sequence, itinerary problems, probability, etc. that have never been learned before. Everyone needs to prepare in advance.

Generally speaking, if you pass with a score of 40, you can get a certificate with a score of 70, you can get a gold medal from your school with a score of 80, and you can be on the official honor list of the University of Waterloo for future generations if you score above 90!

To be honest, and to be honest, I think this is a competition that high school students must take in their lifetime. It is especially recommended that all Chinese students take the test at least once, not twice. The most suitable ones are 11th grade students, and then 12th grade students. For students in grades 9 and 10, it will be a little difficult to prepare for the exam at first, but it will definitely be very, very helpful for studying mathematics courses in their own school , and it will be even more powerful!

Finally, in a sentence from the official website, the significance of registering for the exam is not only to improve your problem solving abilities, but also to hope that everyone can have fun doing the competition questions and have fun solving the questions.


My indissoluble bond with education


Teacher Connie has a very excellent mathematics background and educational experience. She taught at British Lions throughout college. Step by step, she relied on her strength to become a top teacher at British Lions. She has been at the forefront of teaching for four years, and her teaching experience has become more mature every year. From one-to-one to From a small class to a large class with dozens of students, I can still keep my composure, be at ease, and be steady!

She claims that she doesn’t need to prepare lessons when giving lectures, because she has already learned all the knowledge by heart after giving lectures over and over again for many years. Not only does it have exclusively written competition textbooks, question banks and question writing guides, it also produces a set of valuable simulation questions every year for students to correct and rank, which is unique.

Among the nearly 1,000 students she has taught, the passing rate in the competition is as high as 95%, and all of them have applied to the top five universities in Canada.

It is said that her sweetest worry is that there are too many students, and she is afraid of meeting students when she goes out without makeup. Because the class she taught was so good, many parents asked her to give lectures. The schedule was full every year, so if you registered late, you wouldn't be able to get a place in the class.

Teacher Connie only teaches the Euclid mathematics competition course during the competition season, because it requires the most professional people to do the most professional things!



My journey


I think there are no good or bad students, but there are good or bad teachers. I always tell the students in the last class: If you do well in the exam, you are worthy of pride, it is the result of your own efforts; if you do not do well in the exam, you can blame me because I did not teach you well.

In the past four years, step by step, I have been very busy, but very happy. I was filled with emotion when I saw students receiving competition certificates and offers from top universities in the world one by one. It was the students and I who achieved each other. Nowadays, more and more students come here every year, and their responsibilities are even heavier.

I deeply know how rare it is for a student who has studied hard for 12 years to have the opportunity to go to a prestigious school. I can also understand the longing and confusion of 17- and 18-year-old young people about the future. I really want to do something for them on my own. Their guidance has a positive impact on their study and life, and they accompany them through a free and happy time in high school.

I am very lucky to be able to do what I love all the time. Because of my love, my true love, I have always had the courage to work with Yingshi to provide the most affectionate education in the fierce market competition. Today, I still use my consistent teaching style: take the mind.

I believe that I can teach well, and I believe that I can give students the best education. I also firmly believe that only those who have seen the world can help students see the world.

Many times, I can always think of the good teachers I met when I was a student - I seem to always be able to see their fair faces, friendly voices, and gentle smiles when they looked at me.

I hope that one day, I can also appear in the memories of students. And all of this inspires me to jump forward on the road to becoming a good teacher.

Student reviews


"Teacher Connie has the unique cheerfulness and humor of Northeastern people. She is very kind and enthusiastic. She often interacts with students in class. The atmosphere is relaxed and happy. I never feel sleepy in her class."

"As soon as the teacher opens his mouth, he knows what's going on. He is an absolute talent! He understands students very well and is very precise in answering my questions. He can point out my mistakes in just one sentence and helps me correct a lot of my thinking and habits."

"I like the teacher's teaching style very much. He is thorough and instructive. He combines Western-style problem-solving thinking with Chinese-style answering skills. He is very creative. What he teaches can also be used in school. Unknowingly, the scores of several mathematics subjects in the school also improved. I have improved a lot, and I am very grateful that I have a very solid foundation in mathematics before going to college.”

Advantages of British Lions European Classes! 

Classes start early and the preparation period is long, giving students sufficient preparation time.

From the start of classes in November to the competition in April, there is a full five-month preparation period. The front line is lengthened, which is conducive to blanket review and step-by-step to avoid being overwhelmed before the exam.


Scientific curriculum setting and planning

20 hours of basics, 20 hours of sprinting, 6 hours of general review before the exam, 1 mock exam with corrections and feedback from professional teachers, and internal student rankings to help students have a clear positioning of their own level before the exam.


Famous teachers lead the way, study together with outstanding students in small classes

It is highly interactive, and there are tutors and teammates who prepare for the exam together, which improves motivation and makes exam preparation no longer necessary.


Lonely exclusive information, sufficient question bank

Yingshi has its own carefully polished self-contained teaching materials and a twenty-year competition question bank, which can meet the needs of students whether it is the basic stage or the sprint stage.


flexible time

Whether you are in China, Toronto, or the west coast of Canada, our course times will coordinate everyone's needs, not too early or too late. Provide course replays for students who are unable to attend live classes due to absence



Q: Many students feel that they have not been good at math since childhood, and the more they learn, the more afraid they become. How can students who are afraid of learning mathematics overcome their fear?

 The most important thing in overcoming fear is to face it. Don't delay, don't wait, don't be pretentious, don't be afraid. The sooner you resolve the issue, the sooner you will be at ease. The sign of maturity is taking responsibility and not escaping, because escaping is useless, not to mention you have nowhere to escape.



Q: In fact, there are some students who know the questions well but make careless mistakes when they try to solve them. Is there any solution?

Carelessness in the competition examination room is an absolute no-no. I will teach students how to read questions, how to calculate without making mistakes, how to look back at the question before writing the answer, and how to quickly check the paper.

Q: Teacher, what program are you studying? Do you have anything interesting to share? 

I majored in finance and economics. The main courses are: financial mathematics, accounting, economics, finance, statistics, management, etc. These subjects are all inseparable from mathematics. One day you will find that they are integrated, like a grasshopper on a rope.

Q: 16 words for everyone: Live independently, enjoy solitude, don’t compare, and avoid detours.

You are lonely and confused because you are still growing; you are impulsive and crazy because you have persistence that has not been defeated. I hope you can bravely accept yourself. There is no point in envying others. Only self-growth is the only constant salvation. When you can rationally weigh the pros and cons for yourself and make the right choice under pressure, many troubles will leave you.

Hold on to hope and not be afraid of challenges. Every moment is worse than this moment. I hope you can get used to being alone and be the person you love most.

·Message from the little lion·


The reason why we recommend everyone to participate in the Euclid Mathematics Competition is not only because it is a stepping stone for students who want to apply for science and engineering majors at the University of Waterloo, but also for students who want to apply for science and engineering majors in other schools, the Euclid Mathematics Competition is undoubtedly cost-effective. Very high competition because it:

Short preparation time

For applying to prestigious schools: high value

The British Lions Euclid small class course specially invites teacher Connie to help you break through the Euclid competition without any obstacles and easily obtain the top 25% competition certificate!