Business and industry mixed application, won a scholarship of 40,000 dollars! The Lions students are so outstanding! !

Ulion star student David Shao


Application background


Hello everyone, my name is David Shao, and my high school is Holy Trinity School. The average grade of eight subjects in grade 12 is 97. The main areas of application are engineering and business. When I applied to universities, I only applied to three universities, namely: University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, and Western University. Favorite majors are: Rotman Commerce, TrackOne Engineering, Western Ivey, and Waterloo Financial Analysis and risk management.

#Offer List

University of Toronto Rotman Commerce

University of Toronto TrackOne Engineering Scholarship CAD40000

University of Toronto Scarborough BBA (Management & Finance) and BSc (Statistics - Quantitative Finance)

University of Waterloo Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management (Scholarship $2000)

Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo (Scholarship $2000)

Accounting and Financial Management, University of Waterloo (Scholarship $2000)

University of Western Ontario Engineering (Scholarship $3500),

Management & Organizational Studies, University of Western Ontario (Scholarship $3500)





My application advantages


The reason I applied for both engineering and business was to have more options for myself. To be honest, I didn't think about whether I would study engineering or business in the future when I applied to college. Later, when I was studying chemistry in grade 12, I became very interested in organic chemistry and other topics, and I got very good grades in these classes. This is why I chose TrackOne Engineering in the end. My advantage is that my mathematics, physics and chemistry are very good, and I came to Canada in grade 6, so my English level is also very good. Based on these two points, I am quite confident that I can get the offer when I apply for engineering and business majors.

My background experience may not shine like others, but I have been using my personal time to improve my leadership skills. Since grade 9, I have often participated in school clubs and events such as: Hawks Highlights, Eco Team, DECA, Help the Society, etc. In grade 12, I became the club leader of Hawks Highlights and Eco Team.

Outside of school, I often participate in social activities such as: Camp Counsellor, WSSC Public Relations, Guest receptionist for events, etc. These experiences make me an excellent student role model.

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The learning process is not just about improving grades

Mindfulness is also very important!


I think physics and chemistry courses are very important. My 12th grade chemistry and physics were both 98s. These two courses are very important because they can help you improve your logic and thinking skills, which will be very useful to you no matter what you do in the future. Taking a step back, even if I only majored in business, I would still be in high school physics and chemistry.


Little Lion Tips: If you want to apply to the top five business schools or top polytechnics, this means that all your competitors have very strong standardized scores and flashing event materials. This is why there are many students who, despite having an average score of 90+, still fail to receive the offers they want during the application season. The battle to equalize the grades is a tough battle; we have to fight for every point, maybe just one point difference, you will miss your dream school.

Therefore, learn the 12th grade courses in advance in the 11th grade, build a good knowledge framework of basic subjects, and improve the understanding of the knowledge points and frameworks. By familiarizing yourself with the teaching mode and classroom characteristics of Canadian high schools, choosing prerequisite courses can help to pass the important courses of high schools. And get ready for college applications in advance!

In fact, the reason why many students can get close to full marks is not because they are much smarter than you, but because they have studied it in advance! !

There are less than 4 months before the start of grade 12. Instead of waiting until grade 12 to find out that the scores of the three math subjects around you are close to full marks, it is better to take advantage of the summer vacation to overtake!




paperwork paperwork paperwork! !

GPA & background materials are available

The paperwork and video interview are ready, and the offer is here!


The video/document teacher I am most impressed with is Teacher Jenny. Teacher Jenny will ask me about my situation and come to help me write essays. She didn't just come to proof-check my writing, but to write the sentences that best express myself based on my situation.


The future can be expected

My University Life and Future Career Planning

My ideal college life is to study hard and develop more contacts. After finishing my undergraduate degree in engineering, I will study an MBA to develop myself in many ways. My future career plan is to become an automotive marketing engineer, because I have a background in engineering and business, which can give me a competitive advantage. This is my current plan for the future.

Little Lion Tips: Getting the dream school offer is just the first step in the long road in the future, and congratulations on starting this step. The four years of college are fleeting, and how to make reasonable use of the four years of college to plan for the future is like applying for a dream school step by step!


The workplace enlightenment course can be said to be a compulsory course for college students! As important as your studies in college! Because many workplace skills can also be used in community interviews and Networking, learning workplace skills can not only help you lay a solid foundation for future job hunting, but also make it easier for you to work in the future!







Advice for fellow students



I think the best advice is to do more volunteering and social activities in Year 10, Year 11. In Years 10 and 11, there is not a lot of homework, so you have more time for volunteering and social activities. And if you're going to apply for business in the future, these experiences are very important, and universities value them very much. So I suggest that grades 10 and 11 must do more volunteer work and social activities.

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