What is the Datathon competition?

Datathon is a project-based competition with data analysis as the main body . Many students have heard of Hackthon. In fact, Datathon has some similarities with hackthon. Students who are interested in data science, case data analysis, etc. team up to complete a project and complete it. Final demo.

Among Canada's top universities, the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Business invites University of Toronto undergraduate students to the Datathon competition every year.

Introduction to Ulion Data Contest

A project-based competition focusing on data analysis. Students who are interested in data science, case data analysis, etc. are welcome to form a team to participate. Let's complete a data marathon together!
British Lions exclusively brings the data contest to domestic high schools, allowing students to experience it early and win at the starting line.

Ulion data game harvest:

The official participation certificate of the data contest.

The top 3 team members in the competition can get a recommendation letter from the director of Toronto Business School, Canada.

The top 3 teams in the competition will receive cash prizes.

In the process of data competition, cultivate leadership, pressure resistance, teamwork ability, overall planning ability and data analysis ability.

A macro big data experience, feel the vigorous development of the big data industry.

A good opportunity to improve the background, add points to the application for further studies, and reflect a good example of the comprehensive development of students.

Datathon2021 Champion Team Testimonials


Being able to learn to use professional software for data analysis is very useful for future study and work.

Kevin Wang

One of the champion team members


Such competitions are very helpful whether you are applying for business, science and engineering, or other majors. At the same time, you can also learn how to use professional software through competitions, communicate with teammates in the process, and learn teamwork.

Eric Chen

One of the champion team members


Data analysis combined with current events sounds amazing! Get a sense of achievement! Participate in such activities a lot, and you will have a significant improvement in yourself and your university application!

Kevin Wang

One of the champion team members


We not only analyzed the data, but also looked for the policies launched by the government and the state behind the data to support our hypothesis.

To be the first to be very proud of it!

Team testimonials
进阶计算机课程 - Uforse Education
进阶计算机课程 - Uforse Education
进阶计算机课程 - Uforse Education
进阶计算机课程 - Uforse Education
进阶计算机课程 - Uforse Education

Advanced Computer Course

Regular price$1,600.00

Course Introduction:

Through the course, we will further understand and apply programming languages such as Python/Java/C, and arrange practical projects (including database processing, game writing, Android APP, network information crawler, etc.) according to the students' programming foundation and course progress. Practically applied to the course project to write applications/APPs/games with different functions, which really brings you into the programming world!

Subjects include:

  • Python Advanced Course
  • Java Advanced Course
  • C language advanced course
  • Intro to Web development
  • Intro to Data Structure and Algorithm
  • Intro to Data Science
  • Intro to Game Design

Suitable for the crowd:

Students who aim to enter computer/engineering majors and hope to improve their programming level through advanced courses

Students who have basic computer skills and wish to improve their abilities through practical projects

Students with relatively weak college application backgrounds who wish to enhance their backgrounds through practical projects