What is the Euclidean Math Competition?

The Euclid Mathematics Contest is a mathematics competition organized by the School of Mathematics and Computing at the University of Waterloo for high school students around the world. It is also the most valuable and recognized competition in Canadian secondary schools. Osai is not only an important assessment standard for students admitted to the University of Waterloo, but also widely recognized by famous North American schools (such as the University of Toronto, UBC, etc.), and is known as the "TOEFL in mathematics".

If your test scores reach the top 25% in the world, you will be awarded a Certificate of Distinction, and you will have the opportunity to receive an entry scholarship when you apply to the University of Waterloo in the future.

As the number of students studying in Canada is increasing day by day, the competitive pressure of applying to prestigious Canadian schools is also increasing. For example, the median admission score of McGill University in 2018 was as high as 94%, and the admission ratio of each major was only 8%-15%. If you have a Euclidean competition certificate in hand, applying to a prestigious school will be even more powerful.

Why participate in the Europa League?

01. Those with excellent grades can not only improve their chances of being admitted to the Department of Mathematics and Software Engineering of the University of Waterloo, but also receive corresponding admission scholarships (ranging from CAD 1,000 to 8,000).

02. If you apply to universities in other countries and regions, especially North America and Hong Kong, you can also provide an important international award for study abroad applications.

03. Participants who enter the top 25% of the total score will receive a certificate.

04. Short preparation period and strong applicability
The results of the Euclid competition are widely recognized by North American universities. The energy and results of the students are cost-effective, and they can participate in multiple competitions.

05. In addition to mathematics, the application of science and engineering is very important to mathematics scores, and business, especially finance, has high requirements for mathematics

06. This is not a competition that only looks at the results, but more importantly, the students' problem-solving ideas and skills, so even if the answer is wrong, as long as the process is correct, you can still get an ideal score. The focus is on the students' mathematical logical thinking ability. !

2022 Euclid Race Date: April 5, 2022

The students who successfully got the University Offer in the first round of this year generally have an average score of 95+. It has to be said that the admission rate of famous Canadian schools is continuing to decline, the competition is increasing, the average score requirements are getting higher and higher, and the background of the competitors is getting stronger and stronger. , Is your dream getting farther and farther away from you?

It is also an average score of 85+ or even 90+. Why do some students quickly get several scholarship offers, but your profile makes the admissions officer repeatedly consider and compare carefully, and can't make a decision after a long time.

On the basis of the "high standard grades" of applicants, if you have a competition certificate with high gold content and recognized by most colleges and universities, the chances of successfully standing out will be greatly increased!

2021 Euclid Open Class

欧几里得数学竞赛课程 - Uforse Education
欧几里得数学竞赛课程 - Uforse Education
欧几里得数学竞赛课程 - Uforse Education
欧几里得数学竞赛课程 - Uforse Education
欧几里得数学竞赛课程 - Uforse Education

Euclid Math Competition Course

Regular price$1,560.00

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With the goal of sprinting to the top 25% in the world in the University of Waterloo's Euclid Mathematics Competition, the class will be personally led by the top 1% in the world before the European competition and the school's top mathematics competition instructor to conduct a comprehensive summary of the 21 types of examination questions in the Euclid Competition. It is a tool for explaining, efficiently sorting out important and difficult points, sorting out error-prone question types, sorting out problem-solving ideas, etc. It provides simulated exam training, correction and explanation, so that students can be fully prepared.


97% of the students in the British Lions Euclid competition class successfully obtained the top 25% competition certificates!”


Suitable for the crowd:

G11-G12 Students who hope to apply to prestigious science and engineering majors or business schools in the future

Students who hope to obtain a competition certificate to improve their college application background

Students who hope to reach the Top 5 prestigious universities in Canada

Students who wish to apply for undergraduate scholarships