PID Self Balancing Car Project

01. Through basic operation learning and programming learning, have a certain understanding of mechanical and physical knowledge, exercise hands-on ability, and help everyone to go through the actual operation process of university laboratory projects in advance

02. Background improvement, for students who apply for engineering/computer science and engineering majors in the future, the practice of operating mechanical projects during high school will become a highlight and weight in college applications

03. Create your own self-balancing trolley robot through the guidance and explanation of the intel god

04. The robot learning course not only liberates students from the usual boring classroom learning mode, but also provides them with the opportunity to operate and test the machine by themselves to expand their interests.

The students will pass the 3-day robotics elementary course, through the teacher's guidance and explanation, to make their own little robots!

Review of the trolley project activities

Car Project Student Feedback


The teacher is really super nice, and the teacher himself is also very good. He is the master of engineering, and the students are also great! I really found this course very interesting and fun, although I had a hard time putting the gyroscope upside down in the course, but then I changed it back! I still feel very successful!


In the future, students are welcome to participate in this event! It is really meaningful to be able to make a car robot with your own hands and programming code!


I saw this project in the circle of friends and thought it was super fun! And I want to study computer science in the future, I think this can also improve the background, so I went to duck!
It really makes sense to make a dolly robot!

计算机/工程短期实践项目课程 - Uforse Education
Computer/Engineering Short-Term Practical Project Course
Computer/Engineering Short-Term Practical Project Course
计算机/工程短期实践项目课程 - Uforse Education
计算机/工程短期实践项目课程 - Uforse Education
计算机/工程短期实践项目课程 - Uforse Education

Computer/Engineering Short-Term Practical Project Course

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Course Introduction:

Lectured by instructors from the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto, students gain practical experience in engineering/computer professional projects through short-term courses, help students improve their college application background, increase their competitiveness, cultivate open manufacturing thinking and imagination, and practice machine building and Program control, advance over university lab courses.

Subjects include:

  • Car Robot Project Course
  • Unity Game Development Project Course
  • 3D Printer Production Project Course

Suitable for the crowd:

Students who want to enter computer/engineering majors and hope to gain experience through practical projects

Students with relatively weak college application backgrounds who wish to enhance their backgrounds through practical projects

Students who want to expand their thinking and imagination, and practice by themselves