[Roundtable Forum] In the AI ​​era, where is the future for students?


International Students Roundtable

International Student Meeting

The first roundtable meeting for international students attracted the attention of many international students.

The guests’ generous and unique sharing triggered many students’ thinking about the current situation and the future.

The video below extracts highlights from the meeting,

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First Meeting

In this issue, the International Students Roundtable continues to keep up with the times and proposes in-depth thinking on "the future choices of international students in the AI ​​era." We have invited three guests with very shining resumes! As former international students, they have been deeply involved in study abroad planning and education for many years, and are very willing to discuss their personal development face to face with their classmates. In this future full of challenges and opportunities, let us join our guests to see how to shine in the AI ​​world!

Conference theme

|Meeting Topic|

▸ AI is no longer a dream in science fiction movies, it is quietly changing the world. But don’t worry, that also means endless opportunities await. From machine learning to automation, AI technology is constantly evolving, and international students can find their own stage in various industries. In the AI ​​era, it is crucial to choose a major that suits you . Don't blindly pursue popular majors. Interest and passion are your most powerful engines. No matter what major you choose, you will have the opportunity to combine it with AI technology to create new opportunities.

▸ In the AI ​​era, learning never ends. Developing the habit of lifelong learning is crucial . International students can continuously improve their abilities and skills by participating in online courses, seminars, etc., and at the same time, actively participate in practical projects to apply theoretical knowledge into practice.

▸ In the context of globalization, the ability to communicate and cooperate across cultures has become increasingly important. Interact with partners from all over the world, broaden your horizons, integrate the wisdom of different cultures, and create a diverse future together!

▸ With the development of AI technology, ethical and moral issues have become increasingly prominent. International students should actively participate in relevant discussions and research. Understanding the ethical principles of AI will help them better meet future challenges.

Guest introduction

|Introduction of Speakers|

Han Zifei

Founder & Chief Artificial Intelligence Tutor of Yingshi Education . Currently working at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, he is engaged in research on the application of Human Centered AI and Large Language Model . The team won the Best Product Exhibition Award at the world’s top Artificial Intelligence Education Technology Summit. Graduated from the University of Toronto's main campus with a double major in Computer Science and Statistics. Graduated from the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Business, majoring in big data management. During his graduate studies, he published a paper on "The Employment Market and Changes in Job Responsibilities under the Transformation of AI" at the Mars Discovery Center, Canada's largest technology company incubator and research institute. While in college, he served as a teaching assistant to a computer and mathematics professor at the university, and at the same time built the AI ​​management and service system of British Normal University from scratch . In 2020, he was named one of the 30 young elites under 30 years old by well-known Canadian media .


The founder of Yingshi Education, graduated from the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto with a major in CPA. Certified Life Designer from Stanford University. Keynote speaker at Forbes International Education Forum. Former director of Alumni of Rotman School of Business and certified undergraduate tutor of Rotman School of Business. The only interview for U of T’s Rotman Business School’s 2016-2018 Impact Report. In the past 9 years, he has personally planned and achieved success for more than 5,000 students , with a total of more than 30,000 offers and more than 5 million Canadian dollars in student scholarships . In 2019, he was named one of the 30 young elites under 30 years old by well-known Canadian media.


Instructor of British Lion Education Mathematics Competition. Graduated from the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto, majoring in Finance and Economics. Currently studying data science at the School of Information at the University of Toronto. During high school, he won the top 5% in the world in the Euclid Mathematics Competition . During the application process, I received high-level entrance scholarship offers from three U of T campuses, University of Waterloo, Ivey Business School, and Schulich Business School. The only winner of the University of Toronto's 2022 Entrepreneurship Scholarship . During my undergraduate studies , I worked as an intern in product operations and user operations at Ping An Group, Dewu, Meituan and Alibaba . At the same time, he was active in starting a business during college, and his interests included education, photography, and cross-border e-commerce.

Event information

|Meeting Information|

Event date: September 30, 2023 (Saturday)

Event time: 2:00pm-4:00pm Eastern Time

Event Location: 5140 Yonge St, North York, ON, M2N 6L7


We will also launch an online live broadcast and online Q&A session for this roundtable meeting for international students. Due to space restrictions, friends who have not had the opportunity to participate in offline activities can participate online!

No matter what your background and experience are, we believe that this exchange will bring you different enlightenment and gains. Let’s meet challenges together and pursue excellence. We look forward to witnessing this extraordinary event with you.

Interested students and academic advisors are welcome to register for this meeting

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