2023 Peking University Summer Exchange Program Lectures are here


There is a mysterious project that allows you to transform from an international student into a " Peking University " person. Even if you don't score 700 points in the college entrance examination, you can still enter the Guanghua School of Management with a "student card" from Peking University.

There is a magical project that allows you to group work with friends from Hayepsma ; chat with China's top professors about China's economy; visit top companies and communicate face-to-face with CEOs, and listen to them talk about their ups and downs of entrepreneurial history. .

There is a magical project that allows you to get annual course credits at half the price in three weeks, learn entertainment and socialize without missing a beat. The three-week experience is like a gorgeous grand dream, and you will definitely not miss it by then. May I wake up.

If you don’t know about this project yet, let me break the information gap for you and tell you everything I know....

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Peking University Summer Exchange Program Lecture


1. Overview of Peking University Guanghua Exchange Program

Project Introduction :

Peking University Guanghua School of Management took the lead in setting up the "Doing Business in China (DBIC)" short-term course for overseas students in 2006, aiming to combine social practice with business courses related to China's economics, finance and management innovation. , to help students understand China’s economic development and business environment objectively and three-dimensionally. As of 2022, the project has been successfully operating for 17 years, with students from the University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, New York University, Northwestern University, Brown University, Cornell University, University of California, University of Michigan, University of Toronto, University of Hong Kong, National University of Singapore, etc. Nearly 3,500 students from top universities have participated, making it an important window for students to objectively understand the characteristics of China’s economy and management. The Chinese version of this project - "Understanding China at Peking University" project was opened to Chinese international students in August 2020. It helps students decode the mysteries and logic of China's economic development from different dimensions and perspectives, and helps students better position themselves for future development directions. .

Project courses :

Theme 1: Chinese Economy (Chinese Economy)

Theme 2: New Technology and Business Transformation (Technology and Business Innovation)

Project application : resume, personal statement, letters of recommendation

Project Date : June 12-June 30 (three weeks)

Application deadline : May 20, 2023

2. Why should you participate in this project?

Resume advantages such as postgraduate application and internship : Overseas exchange experience improves academic background and studies with students from major universities .

Exchange credits from your alma mater : You can exchange 1 credit (one annual course) from the University of Toronto in three weeks. It’s easy to get points for group assignments.

Top teachers : Peking University’s top professor team

Corporate visits : Visit top companies such as Bubble Mart, Flash Delivery, iFlytek, etc. You will be lucky enough to receive souvenirs, and if you are lucky, you may meet the CEO directly.

•Experience Peking University : Peking University admission notice + Peking University student ID + graduation certificate, colorful college activities on weekends, an unforgettable experience!

3. British Lion Lecture Information

Lecture content:

•Why should you apply for the Peking University exchange program?

•Who can apply for this program?

•How to apply for the project? What are the processes and preparations?

•What is the daily study like in the Peking University exchange program?

Ask any questions you want to know and Teacher Connie will answer them for you!

Lecture time:

Toronto time: April 21 (Friday) 9 p.m.

Beijing time: April 22 (Saturday) 9 a.m.

way of participation:

Online Tencent Conference

All undergraduate and postgraduate students who are interested in this project, high school students who want to exchange at Peking University in the future, and parents who want to help their children realize their dreams of Peking University are welcome to sign up for this lecture and learn more about Peking University projects and daily life on campus. study!

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