"High school and college are so different"

The lion student interviewed today is Aria,
is a very good Rotman freshman , the following is an interview with her.


High school and college life are completely different

Editor : Hello Aria, long time no see~
Aria : Long time no see~
Editor : I don't know how you have been recently~ How is your recent college life?
Aria : Hahahaha, college life is hard. If you talk too much about your juniors, you may not want to come to college.
Xiaobian : Hahahaha, can you share some advice for the younger students ?
Aria : If you give advice, it is that the life of college and high school is very different. College is all self-conscious, so what the professor teaches in class every day must be digested well at home , and before the exam, you will not feel particularly overwhelmed. All homework must be Don't procrastinate, and keep your notes organized . When you are a little tired at the beginning, you will not lose your mind when reviewing.
Aria : Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class, and then you must go to the professor’s office hour , because so many people can’t wait for 400 people in an economics class. How can you just say remember that you are asking questions and discussing with the professor. Questions, remember you, and if you have questions, don't drag and drag and forget to wait for the exam. Seriously, you will regret it.
Editor : Wow, that's right, I think so too. It's good for a professor to remember your words.

Editor : How was college life like? Isn't life very rich? I heard that there are many endorsements in exams?

Aria : I think college life may be richer at the beginning of the semester, because I meet new classmates every day, and I have a lot of things to memorize. It should be only a few subjects, but we should focus on understanding , because we are in this class. There are quite a lot of changes in the tutorial, that is, the emphasis is on understanding, rather than memorizing or such stylized things.



Club activities outside of study are also highly competitive


Editor : Does rotman have any interesting activities?
Aria : He will have some clubs organized by himself. Then he should be your intern manager. He really will deal with some customers in the current society. For example, there is a club called business design, which is specially for Other people's customized services, or some other activities, I originally wanted to go for an interview, but I didn't have time at the time to consider it a feature of the club.
Editor : The club seems to be very interesting.
Aria : Well, it's pretty good, but there are not many new students every year, maybe six or seven.
Editor: The competition is fierce.
Aria : When I first started school, I thought I could quickly enrich my background, but later but now it seems a little too busy, so I didn't participate in these.


Study abroad, exercise earlier and be stronger

Editor : Then do you have any short stories to share? Feelings about living abroad and so on.

Aria : I think living abroad is really... a very process of exercising oneself, exercising independence, exercising the ability to deal with problems, including some other large and small life skills such as cooking, repairing washing machines, moving house, etc... These are not the same as those that can be practiced in China. Of course, at least the language is practiced. Studying abroad is a process of step out of your comfort zone and a process of enriching yourself . Of course, there will be some very stressful times when studying abroad. To be honest, stress is the norm. My own study abroad experience is not particularly smooth . The process of honing yourself is better than giving you the same blows and pressures in your social life in the future. It is better to experience and experience earlier to strengthen your psychological quality !

Editor : Wow, that's great! Just feel the same way. After we go abroad, we are all almighty. Ha ha.

Aria : When I first came to Toronto... I moved six times in two months, and then I didn't feel particularly insecure when I moved.

Xiaobian : Oh my God, why do I move so many times? Moving is really tiring.

Aria : I didn’t find a good idea when I first came to homestay. I stayed at my family’s friend’s house for a few days, stayed in a dormitory for a few days, and then changed homestay. I felt very insecure at that time, but I am also very grateful to those who helped me. There are really no such nobles I don't know how I should live with help, so my heart is indeed stronger now that I live by myself.

Editor : Studying abroad makes people grow up, and now I can take charge of myself.

Aria : Yes, when my parents came to see me in April last year, I chose the family hotel they stayed in and compared them for a long time, and then when they got off the plane to see me, they met me the first time they saw me. Let me just say, I think you grow up, I don't have this idea myself, but when I return to China, I will find that the aspect and level of growth are indeed different from those of my classmates in China. I don't even realize that it is me. My parents told me that I only had some such awareness and said that I really grew up.

Editor : Parents are very happy to see their children grow up. Our own students are promising and we are also very happy hehe.

Aria : Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Editor : I think it's great that you got into rotman. hey-hey

Aria : No, no, before I went in, I thought I was special, but... I'm only one of the three thousand beauties in the harem.

Editor : Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Aria : Hahahaha, no more begging. It's good to seal a noble person who is always there.

Xiaobian : I hope you will do your best in the future~ Work hard towards the life you want and become super successful~!

Aria : Thank you teacher!




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