"Because you are young, you have to be dry."

Today's students interview Mary, an excellent student from Ulion,
She is a 12th grade student, the future target business school,
Participated in many courses and volunteer activities of British Lions,
He is also passionate about words, and he is running his own public account.
Such a wonderful Mary, let's hear what she has to say?

Q :

Hello Mary, thank you for your time to interview us. Can you briefly introduce yourself first?

Such as school, major and background, what is the current state?

What courses have you taken in our UCI?

Mary :

I attend Father John Redmond Secondary School and am currently in Year 12. I want to study Marketing at university, and my favorite schools are Rotman and Ivey. I took the whole IELTS in Ulion, including four parts, Listening, Oral, Reading, Writing. I also contacted many Ulion teachers, including C tutor, S tutor, T tutor, A tutor C tutor, and J tutor.


Q :

Can you comment on the teaching style of several IELTS teachers?

Mary :

Oral class has always been taught by tutor C. The teacher is slow and shy, but our classroom atmosphere is very lively , which makes the teachers outgoing, and the teachers are very cute.

The audition class at that time was Tutor T, and the first impression of the teacher was very good, but T tutor was so popular that he could not take the teacher's class . T-Tutors are the type who are constantly encouraged and praised.


In my heart, mentor A is a star-chasing boy . He is amazing. There was a variety show broadcast at that time, and the teacher often said that everyone should pick Li Zixuan and Zhang Zining. Instructor A has special personal characteristics, breaking the class style of ordinary male teachers .

I have also taken the classes of Instructor J and Instructor X. Their teaching is a more serious type . Tutor A is more able to chat with the students, and is particularly cordial.

Instructor C is completely a koi little sister. She is very well prepared in class . Send us emails and courseware. We also like Instructor C very much. The first impression is particularly good.

Q :

As far as I know you have also participated in many extracurricular activities of our Ulion, volunteer activities,

Can you talk about your experience?

Mary :

When I first came to Canada, everyone said that I needed at least 40 hours of volunteer time, and I felt very sad at the time. Later, the official account of Yingshi was added, and many volunteer opportunities were found, which solved this problem. At that time, I participated in the volunteer activity of St. Patrick's Day run, a 10-hour barbecue activity, the barbecue thief was happy, and the portion was large. I also participated in the dunds west fest at the end of June, which was similar to a party activity . I think these activities are very meaningful . During the St. patrick parade in March, we had to hold banners and go around the city center a long way, so we accumulated a lot of steps on WeChat.

Q :

These activities should be very helpful for college applications.

Mary :

Yes, these experiences can be included in the college application materials. In addition , I want to apply for business in the future, and I have also done some long-term volunteers in Yinglion, such as CTC live broadcast, as well as the executive department and marketing department of UVA . I'm the deputy head of the marketing department. There are many opportunities to improve and accumulate leadership experience. I felt very confused when I was setting my professional direction. I talked a lot with Mr. John. The teacher suggested that I consider the marketing direction. After going through CTC, marketing writing and planning, I have experienced a lot. I think marketing is very suitable for me, so it is also very good. Thanks for the lion's platform .

Q :

How much do you know about college applications?

Where do I mainly get information about college applications?

Mary :

The channels for understanding are mainly obtained from Yingshi. I have more or less chatted with Mr. John in the IELTS class before, and I can slowly learn a lot of information in the chat. To prepare in grade 11, it is better to know ahead of time than to be in a hurry in grade 12, so as not to delay things . The paper video interview is also slowly being prepared. While listening to the lecture, chatting with the teacher, I also found a lot of samples from the Internet, pay attention to the relevant issues, and gradually form a cognition .

Q :

I heard that you have opened your own official account on WeChat, can you introduce it to everyone?

Why make a public account?

Mary :

Doing a public account is an idea I had a long time ago. We-media is very hot now, and I like to have a place to express my heart. Creating an official account is the most basic and entry-level self-media development direction. When I think of something, I will say something, recommend songs and enjoy some videos.

Screenshot of Mary's official account

Q :

I see you posted an article related to D&G.

Mary :

Yes, as a Chinese, I can love luxury goods very much, but also love my country, patriotism and love luxury goods are not in conflict. You must have love for your country and national dignity. International students who go abroad should love their country more . I hadn't heard of this brand before but knew about it because of this news.

I do this public account mainly to share life experiences and interesting things, such as things I tried for the first time, record them, gain insights from them, and share experiences. The predecessors planted the trees and the others enjoyed the shade. I am also sharing my own life experience.

Q :

After living in Canada for two years, do you have any experience in life or study to share with your juniors?

Mary :

I have attended other educational lectures before, and when I entered the venue, I found that all the students present were parents and middle-aged people. I think that since you have come from abroad, you must have your own sense of independence and understand your own learning needs . Parents may not really be able to help their children. It is better to do many things yourself.

I just came to a foreign country and used another language, even if I learned well at home, I can't come here. What impressed me the most is that you must listen to others more. Talking and listening is the best way to practice English . I listened first, and then said, I used to buy coffee at my home and went to a clothing store together, but I didn’t have any clothes I liked. When I left the store, my home said thank you, so that I would learn, and the next time I enter a store, I don’t care. Buy something or not, thank you when you come out. Listen to what other people say first, and then do as the cat draws the tiger. Only by listening and speaking more can we truly use English well, which is also a process of contacting foreign cultures .

There is also writing Essay assignments. I often use a software Grammerly, which can help to modify grammar and set Essay/Report/Business mode. The software will tell you whether vocabulary, grammar, and structure are used properly, which is a screening function. You can avoid many grammatical mistakes when you finish your schoolwork, and you can have a good conscience. Machine stuff can help you avoid common mistakes.

When I went abroad, I realized that I couldn't eat hot tofu in a hurry, and many things needed to be polished slowly. I hope that new friends, don't seek to improve English quickly within a month, we will do our best to do things well, everything will be the best arrangement, do your best, do your best, no matter what the result is, it is acceptable .

I started out as a small volunteer and aimlessly, but then I slowly found my own direction. Thanks again for the lion. Studying abroad has brought me a lot of influence. I slowly find my own direction, what I want to do, don't always be controlled by others, everyone is a rotating planet. Each has its own way, and always has its own rhythm .

Q : Thank you for your serious sharing. Your experience will definitely point the way to some confused friends. It is important to recognize yourself. Your official account will definitely gain more attention!

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