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Let's listen to Steven's 6 experience sharing about the application!


my application background

"Hello everyone, I'm Steven, a grade 12 student at Unionville High School, with a top 6 average of 97 in grade 12, and the application direction is mainly business and mathematics. Ivey, Smith, Rotman, and Waterloo feel like Ivey, Smith, Rotman, and Waterloo if you want to college or major. All pretty good."
#Offer List
Queen's University Smith Business School Scholarship CAD4000
York University Schulich Business School Scholarship CAD4000
Social Sciences at the University of Toronto Main Campus
University of Toronto Mississauga Campus Social Sciences Scholarship CAD3000
McMaster University Business and Mathematics Scholarship CAD1500
University of Ottawa Business Scholarship CAD3000


The role of personal experience in getting an offer from a top business school

"In my personal opinion, the most competitive experience should be winning the second place in a business case competition held by the British Lions. I have also participated in the Entrepreneurship competition held by the British Lions, and the long-term high-quality volunteers are also very good. Importantly, I have volunteered for an organization for a long time, accumulating more than 100 hours. Besides these, I have some other projects.”

Little Lion Tips:

Every year during the application season, students will come to ask our teachers:

Am I ready now?

The business competition is approaching, and the deadline for registration for the competition is over before I come to ask if I can sign up

A day or two before the college application deadline

There are also many people who come to hug the thigh of the lion

What the little lion wants to say is that although our planning tutor is very good

But plan plan! The point is to plan!


In the near future, we will launch a Timeline for the Uionage Lions event in the next few months.

If you have a favorite background promotion activity,

Or don't know which activity to attend will help your application

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Participate in so many activities, but also grasp the school results!

My secret to high scores is to study ahead of time


"Important courses vary from person to person, and different programs have different prerequisites and emphasis. For me, it is three subjects of mathematics, English, and some business-related courses. If the score is top 6, computer science 100, advance function 99, data management 99, accounting 99, calculus vector 98, English 87 (because it is a prerequisite, it must be included in top 6), if you experience it... Fortunately, the other subjects are high enough to make up for English haha, in fact, I am in 12 for three mathematics. I had already finished school at Ying Lions before the grade, and it was easier to learn at school after finishing the school ahead of schedule. Several teachers also contributed greatly.

Therefore, it is equivalent to learning twice, and the score is relatively high. In fact, the curriculum in high school is not difficult, just work hard to understand it. "


Little Lion Tips: If you want to apply to the top five business schools or top polytechnic schools, this means that all your competitors have very strong standardized scores and flashing event materials. This is why there are many students who, despite having an average score of 90+, still fail to receive the offers they want during the application season. The battle to equalize the grades is a tough battle; we have to fight for every point, maybe just one point difference, you will miss your dream school.

Therefore, to learn the 12th grade courses in advance in the 11th grade, build a good knowledge framework of basic subjects, improve the understanding of knowledge points and frameworks, and familiarize with the teaching mode and classroom characteristics of Canadian high schools, choosing prerequisite courses can help to pass the important courses of high schools. And get ready for college applications in advance!

In fact, the reason why many students can get close to full marks is not because they are much smarter than you, but because they have studied it in advance! !

There are still less than 4 months before the start of grade 12. Instead of waiting until grade 12 to find out that the scores of all three math subjects are close to full marks, it is better to take advantage of the summer vacation to overtake!

Learn about the U.S. Lions prerequisite courses?


About the document:

GPA & background materials are available

The paperwork and video interview are ready, and the offer is here!


"All my essay videos were tutored by Mr. Tracy. If I remember correctly, I am a student of how old I am now. The people are very nice, experienced, and very helpful. They answered many of my doubts in the essay and video interview counseling, which was very good. "


The future can be expected

My University Life and Future Career Planning

"University is full of unknowns. In my opinion, the time of college life may be more free, it requires more time management skills, and it will be the first time I have been away from home life for a long time. In the next few months I will see more about what I can prepare for university in advance. As for my career, since I have not yet decided which major to study, it is hard to say. If I study business, I am more inclined to finance or management. If I study mathematics, I will Read something related to technology, the future will be better, such as computational mathematics, or data science.”

Little Lion Tips: Getting the dream school offer is just the first step in the long road in the future, and congratulations on starting this step. The four years of college are fleeting, and how to rationally use the four years of college to plan for the future is like applying for a dream school step by step!

The workplace enlightenment course can be said to be a compulsory course for college students! As important as your studies in college! Because many workplace skills can also be used in community interviews and Networking, learning workplace skills can not only help you lay a solid foundation for future job hunting, but also make it easier for you to work in the future!


Advice for fellow students


"For students in the lower grades, set a goal as soon as possible, and then reverse how to achieve the goal, plan ahead, step by step. If you learn from experience, time management is very important, plan time in advance, if possible, even in the next few days. What do you want to do? Then don't be distracted when doing things, and you can be efficient. Finally, I wish everyone a bright future and a bright future!"

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