What is the legendary Queen's School of Business?

Today I bring an interview with a student who successfully entered the Queen's University Business School. Let's see what's so special about Queen's Business School in her eyes.
First, let me introduce to you the outstanding student Sylvia Shi of this issue~
Sylvia Shi

Queen's University Smith Business School 2000 Scholarship

Offers received by high school: Waterloo AFM 2500 Scholarship; Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto; University of Toronto Segabo Campus Coop+1500 Scholarship; University of Toronto Mississauga Campus Business +2000 Scholarship; McMaster University Mathematics Major; University of Ottawa Business coop+6000 scholarship.

High school IELTS score of 7, on-campus volunteer organizer, event sponsor; Honor Roll, Business Certificate

Queens University Leonard Hall freshman representative, freshman event planner, dormitory committee representative

uforse ctc event sponsor

85 points to be admitted to major business schools, 93 points to graduate

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Editor: Hello Sylvia, long time no see, it’s rare to see you back in Toronto~ Today I’ve prepared a few questions for you, which I’m curious about myself, and probably my classmates are also curious about~ Thank you very much for your willingness to accept our interview oh~

Sylvia: Haha you're welcome.

Editor: First of all, the younger brothers and sisters are very curious, that is, what preparations did you do before receiving the offer, and what was written in the document ?

Sylvia: Before receiving the offer, you should have a good attitude. With the mentality that you can come to the university, you can wait calmly, and then study each course well and prepare for the IELTS. Wait for teacher tracy to schedule time, write essays, practice interviews.

Editor: Wow, it feels great. How did you feel when you received the offer?

Sylvia: Because I received Queens Commerce earlier, I jumped up at school when I received it, and then I received rotman commerce on the same day. feeling~

Editor: Put yourself in the shoes and think about it, if I also received an offer from my favorite university, I would definitely be happy too. Hahaha~ Then you have received so many offers, from Rotman School of Business, Western University IVEY, and Queens Business School, these are all very good schools. Why did you decide to go to Queens Business School?

Sylvia: In the end, I chose Queens because I felt that the pressure was too great, and I also wanted to go to an academy with not many people to experience a very "white" culture . And I am a very social character who likes to talk and make friends, so maybe Queens is still a good fit for me.


Editor: Exactly. Consider which university is right for you based on your personality. Very wise and scientific. So what was life like after studying there?

Sylvia: Before I went, many people told me that Queens would not be difficult, but Queens is a kind of case+concept+lab-style teaching. There is a case book in the freshman year, and there is a practical business startup, teamwork. ;There are no more than 80 students in each class of Queens commerce, and the professor can pay attention to everyone carefully, which is very caring!

Editor: Great! Can you tell us in detail about the business competition you participated in planning? It feels very exercise.

Sylvia: The Case competition was a project I proposed at the time. John and Feifei thought it was a very good idea. It was a project that combined the gap I felt at the time and wanted to help more high school students who were preparing to apply for college. It can help everyone Make up for some of your ec deficiencies.

Editor: I heard that you are still the person in charge of CTC , can you tell us about this club? What's the catch?

Sylvia: Ulion CTC is a team proposed by John and has many friends to help form a team. The operation between each of our departments is very similar to the model of a small company, and the scale of development is also very large. Everyone can show their own on this platform. Live, show your talent, and feel how a superstar with millions of fans lives every day .

Editor: This idea is very good, very interesting. The last thing is to give some suggestions to the younger brothers and sisters, such as study, extracurricular activities, and the choice of clubs~

Sylvia: Because my high school life is still biased towards extracurricular activities, academic, so I think students who want to apply for business schools can do more leadership activities. The three leadership platforms of Ulion are a good choice! Then do some creative activities and have some unique skills . Friends who are not good at math like me can take it in advance, which is very helpful for the beginning of school. I am still very grateful to Ying Shi for helping me through the difficult 12th grade, John helping me with planning including giving me advice on choices, Tracy helping me ponder my documents little by little, Elina always chatting with me happily~

Editor: Well said comprehensively. Thank you so much Sylvia. I hope you will get better and better in the future, work hard and realize your dreams~!

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The above is the interview with Sylvia. Hope her answer will be helpful and enlightening to everyone. I also hope that everyone can get a lot of offers in this year's application season and become a winner in life~


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