Offer harvester EP2: CS professional has harvested 12 offers? A veritable harvester!

Offer收割机EP2 :CS专业已收获12份Offer? 名副其实的收割机!
Today, we bring you the Ulion Offer Harvester EP2
This young lady has received 12 offers so far, including the University of Engineering, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Waterloo Science, and a number of CS Offers. It can be said that as long as there are CS majors in Canada, she has already won the Offer!
Let's get to know: Tong Tong, an outstanding student of the U.S. Lions



self introduction

I have received 12 offers so far, in order of application:


Engineering EE, CS on the main campus of U of T;




McMaster CS


Western Ontario Computer Science, CS;


Queen's University CS


Environmental Science at the University of Waterloo


McMaster Math and Stats


University of Ottawa CS, CE


York University CS


Electrical Engineering, University of Windsor

PS Since the first choice I wrote in the Engineering portal was Electrical Engineering (although the OUAC applied for CE), the university still gave me the offer of EE according to the order of choice in my portal.

My application direction is mainly about computer science and computer engineering , but also data science and mathematics.

Regarding the average score and language score: my average score is not high, the top6 average score is only 95.3 ( in fact, it is very high! ), and IELTS is only 6.5


What kind of help has Ulion gave you in the university application?


I think Ulion has helped me a lot in applying for university. At the end of 2018, I asked Ulion about some questions about applying for university. Anxiety, the teachers may have noticed our anxiety, so they were very patient to appease us, explained the current situation and plan, and also carefully analyzed and answered for me, thinking of the solution to each problem .

I think one of the two aspects that Yingshi has helped me the most is that I don’t have to constantly check my email and update the university information like other students, because Yingshi has dedicated teachers to help me reply to the university’s emails. I am already very tired from taking the twelfth grade class. It is difficult to reply all the information in time. Teacher Ying saves me a lot of time and the information filled in by the experienced teacher is more accurate than what I wrote myself. .

Another aspect is how much engineering to prepare. Everyone knows that many schools have video interviews and essays for engineering. I was applying for computer engineering so I had to record two videos and write an essay . I remember that I was very resistant to recording videos and writing essays on the spot because I would become very nervous in front of the camera, but the teachers all analyzed and guided me one by one according to my actual situation .

Engineering is not only very demanding on grades, but also attaches great importance to videos and documents. I believe that a large part of how much engineering can give me an offer depends on the videos and documents that Ulion helps me prepare .


How do you know about the Lions?

At the end of 2017, a senior recommended me to take part in the Euclidean competition in Yingshi. She was also a twelfth grade student at the time. She told me that when she finished listening to the lecture held by Yingshi After that, she felt that she was a group of people with dreams and responsibilities, and they would definitely help her in her future studies, so I started to get to know Ulion slowly and participated in some activities organized by Ulion.


Which teacher helped you the most

I think every teacher is very helpful to me. Teacher John will answer my questions when I am sick and my throat is uncomfortable, and help me choose a university major in the evening ; Teacher Han Zifei will answer in time as long as I ask questions in the group, and Teacher V will answer my questions according to my needs . The two teachers who guided me in the writing and video are very serious and responsible, and the pronunciation of every word will be corrected.


Do you have any advice for future students?

The suggestion is to study hard in school and do more extracurricular activities outside of school, because when the university gave me the engineering offer, it mentioned not only academic achievement but also rich extracurricular experience, so this means how much extracurricular activities Also very important .

Therefore, in your spare time, you must participate in more high-quality and more volunteer opportunities to enrich the application background!

If you are also eager to apply, you want to apply to the top universities in Canada

But I don't know how to do background enhancement

No matter where you are in high school

Or have any questions about studying abroad

Now is the best time to start preparing!


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